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About BG Wealth Advisors

<span>A Team Focused on Your Success</span>

A Team Focused on Your Success

BG Wealth Advisors exists to establish long term relationships with clients based on a concentration on quality wealth management and protection planning needs. Our key focus is on planning for the evolving needs of our clients and their families.

Biagini Grassi has rebranded to BG Wealth Advisors, Mark Biagini and Anthony Grassi, Jr. formed the independent financial consulting firm, Biagini Grassi Advisory Group, LLC in 2004. The goal remains to provide independent financial advice to clients and create a more competitive structure to provide for a wider array of investment choices so our clients are free to pursue their dreams.

A major driving force behind our firm is the desire to help people overcome the challenges they have with saving, planning, and managing their finances over their lifetime due to a lack of guidance from a financial professional. We’re committed to providing that guidance.

With more than three decades of dedicated and personalized service, we’re committed to an independent and objective approach to the mission of helping our clients and their families pursue their unique personal goals.

Our Guiding Principles

Plan Strategically

Work Diligently

Advise with Integrity

Committed to Serving Our Clients

Committed to providing clients impeccable service and trusted advice, BG works hard to offer unique benefits, including:

Investment Access

Supported by independent broker-dealer First Allied Securities, Inc., Mark V. Biagini and Anthony Grassi, Jr., have access to a wide range of investment solutions and products. This allows us to offer clients investments and strategies typically only available to institutions and high net-worth individuals.

Strategy Driven

We believe that the single most important factor in helping you achieve a secure retirement is having the right strategy in place.  We are a strategy-driven firm dedicated to creating personalized strategies for our clients. Market performance, financial products, returns, taxes, fees, etc. – all of these are important, but making sure we have a guiding vision in place gives our clients the peace of mind they deserve.  Our strategies allow our clients to maintain their lifestyle, keep up with inflation, and mathematically calculate their risks.  We match each year’s retirement income needs with time-segmented investments.  We give every dollar a purpose and a job. We need to get the strategy right before we even think about products. After all, “your wealth deserves a strategy.”

An External Team

Beyond the advisors at BG, Anthony Grassi, Jr. have access to a diverse team of industry leaders including CPAs, attorneys, and third-party money managers. Together, the team constructs each client’s portfolios into a comprehensive solution.

Relationship Building

We’re committed to building long-term relationships with clients, working with them as they advance in their careers, start families, and transition into retirement. We offer continued support, education, and guidance over the milestones of life.

Objectivity & Transparency

As an independent firm, BG is committed to serving clients in a transparent manner, from explaining the fees we charge to the strategies we implement. We only offer objective advice and aren’t tied to any singular product.

Like Your a Portfolio Crafting Wines Takes Creativity and Imagination

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I had the privilege of having my grandfather live with my family growing up. He came from Italy speaking little English, but he still tried to pass on family traditions and teach me the Italian culture. Each year, he would have grapes delivered to the house and make wine in our basement. The entire process took several steps throughout the year to transform the grapes into wine. For the last 15 years, I have been making wine at a facility with my daughter. With every year that we bottle our own wine, I am trying to carry out his legacy into the next generation.

Helping clients plan and live the retirement they desire has many similarities to winemaking like the shear amount of investment options, the time lines, and how they are all crafted together to build a future for our clients.

Anthony Grassi

Get the Most Out of Your Retirement

Take our simple retirement assessment to measure your readiness on five retirement success areas. Learn about the three seasons of retirement and find out if you are ready for the next steps.  

Ready to Retire

30 Years of Certified Experience

BG has an experienced team of advisors with diverse backgrounds and experiences. By collaborating and relying on multiple strengths, we can share unique viewpoints and discover multiple opportunities for clients.

Beyond their decades of experience, Mark V. Biagini and Anthony Grassi, Jr. hold the following advanced credentials:

Certified Wealth Strategist® (CWS®)

Anthony is a Certified Wealth Strategist®, a designation that recognizes advisors who have a thorough understanding of the issues surrounding effective wealth advising and can address clients’ diverse wealth management needs.

With this designation, Anthony has the technical knowledge, client communication skills, and practice management know-how to develop a wealth management process that effectively works for clients with complex wealth needs. He strives to become his clients’ most trusted advisor.

A Commitment to Offering Objective Financial Guidance

After spending decades in the financial services industry working with large firms and in the trading industry, Mark and Anthony believed that they could better serve their clients objectively and independently by creating their own independent practice. 

Not all financial firms are independent. Some are aligned with specific product carriers or proprietary products. As an independent firm, BG is not tied to one specific service or solution. Instead, the firm has the freedom to recommend services and strategies it believes align with each client's unique needs.

As independent advisors working with broker-dealer First Allied Securities, Inc., Mark V. Biagini and Anthony Grassi, Jr. put their clients’ needs first. Without any quotas to meet or proprietary products to push, they can provide objective and unbiased financial advice. They understand that each client’s individual financial situation is unique and deserves an equally unique approach. 

Pursuing financial independence takes commitment and ongoing support. BG aims to establish long-lasting and trusted relationships with clients in order to help them stay on track as they follow their financial roadmap.

Diligently Pursue Expertise

We focus on building our knowledge and methods so you can rely on comprehensive and integrated advice. 

Independent and Beholden to You

As an independent advisor we are committed to serving clients in a transparent and objective manner.

Build Great Teams

We focus on building great relationships with our clients and also a diverse group of industry leaders including attorneys, CPAs, and 3rd-party money managers to build comprehensive solutions. 

Help you Navigate complexity

We simplify the complex and offer investments and strategies often reserved for institutions and higher net-worth individuals.

Parent Company: Cetera Financial Group

Cetera Advisors is part of the family of independently managed firms of Cetera Financial Group (Cetera). For the past 30 years, Cetera’s family of companies has grown to manage over $110 billion in client assets, delivering advisory products and solutions and sophisticated trading and technology platforms to us and other advisors across all 50 states. You can be confident that their tools, technology and support help make us more effective in our relationship with you.

Our Custodian: Pershing 

While a broker-dealer helps supervise and facilitate the trading that converts your cash into invested assets, those assets are actually held by a custodian. Cetera Advisors works with two custodians. Pershing LLC custodies brokerage accounts, including the brokerage accounts within IRAs.

Pershing is a subsidiary of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, which is the nation’s oldest continuously operating bank and one of the world’s leading providers of securities services. Both Pershing and Cetera Investment Services have to meet certain net capital requirements and are subject to regular audits, both internally and by independent firms, to ensure the appropriate handling, segregation and protection of investors’ assets.